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Anxious Girl

Children may be afraid of storms, the dark or the big dog next door. Others may become anxious when it’s time to separate from a parent or when they have to go into an unfamiliar situation for the first time. Some might be afraid to try new things or learn new skills. There are also children who experience anxiety for no obvious reason. Early recognition and knowing how to help your child cope with fears and worries gives your child the best chance of working through the anxiety.

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Soul Core

How can you joyfully accomplish your tasks if you’re always exhausted? Without proper rest and relaxation, stress levels become elevated. Depression can set in. Fatigue can make you feel aggravated or defeated. The mind and the body need a break from the weight of your day-to-day responsibilities … The following plan can help you begin taking care of your own soul.

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Counseling from a Biblical Worldview

When contemplating the need to see a psychological counselor, what factors need to be considered so that you feel comfortable sharing the struggles you are facing? Is finding a therapist who is a licensed counselor enough, or are there other factors you need to investigate? I would suggest you not only seek out a Christian therapist, but find one who counsels from a biblical worldview.

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How to Handle Your Anger - Fire

“Why am I so quick to get angry?” — “Why can’t the person in front of me drive faster?” — “Why do my parents say ‘no’ to everything?” — “Why do I feel like no one is listening to me?” Anger is a normal response to questions like these, but can we change our response? How do we become less angry and react differently? For many, that is not an easy question to answer.…

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Look Up in 2017 - Change your outlook

Does life ever feel like a puzzle with pieces that don’t fit together? When people feel like this, it’s easy for them to fall into a discouragement syndrome. With this mind-set, every aspect of the day tends to take on unpleasant overtones – at work, at home, in dealing with others. Nothing seems right, and there seems to be little prospect of any positive change. … When life is perceived as being heavy and complex, it becomes seemingly impossible to see beyond the narrow confines of the present negative circumstances.

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